Pink Aviation Services is hiring…

…and we are looking for motivated pilots, who are willing to expand their knowledge and work in an exceptional team.

Pink Aviation Services has been operating a fleet of Shot SC7 Skyvans and Cessna 182RG SEPs for civilian and military parachuting throughout Europe since 1986. And we are looking for you!

Minimum requirements

•    very good airmanship
•    technical understanding and judgment
•    ability to organize yourself and apply all knowledge required for a PIC/CPL/IFR self dependent
•    english level 5 (not necessarily in the license, but in real live)
•    very good team ability
•    willing to travel, being away from home
•    EU citizenship or valid employment title for Austria
•    possession of an unrestricted passport

What we offer

•    job as CPL/IFR rated pilot for C182R skydiving operation
•    co-pilot on one of our SC7 Short Skyvans with the opportunity of advancement to PIC/single pilot cockpit position after supervision flights (approx. 50 hrs after type rating)
•    positive working atmosphere
•    no autopilot, all hands-on experience (500+ hrs/year)
•    SC7 Skyvan type rating at our ATO, starts on demand.
•    irregular work time according to our schedule during summer season, lot of consecutive off days in low season.
•    contract is scheduled for 2 years including type rating, and includes attractive payment to extend beyond 2 years.

Outline of the selection process

1st stage
Please email only one application with all required information summarized on 72 lines to camo@pink.at. No attachments!

2nd stage
Online screening - approx. 1 hr
(Written knowledge and ability test, covering not more than CPL/IFR knowledge and common sense)

3rd stage
•    Interview at our facility in Klatovy, Czech Republic
•    fly two traffic circuits with a Cessna 182RG and transfer to IFR
•    3hrs in SC7 simulator
•    show team ability

Offers of employment will be made following a full review or your progress through all selection events and our business requirements.

We are continuously screening

Please send your application to camo@pink.at

Download this document as pdf